2010 Red Rock Reserve Pinot Noir

An Experience in Balance

In the winery, we take care to achieve a delicate harmony between fruit and hints of oak, balancing body with flavor. Our Red Rock Winery Reserve Pinot Noir was crafted in a fruit forward style with balance in mind, revealing aromas of red currant and strawberry. The palate is rich, offering layers of dark red cherries and raspberry jam, finishing with hints of oak and caramel. This Pinot Noir is an excellent match for a wide range of foods, offering a delicious balance to roasted poultry or pork.

The Grape

Pinot Noir is characterized by its soft, tightly clustered dark purple bunches of fruit, which evoke flavors of black cherry, raspberry and currant flavors in the finished wine. Pinot Noir is the classic grape of Burgundy, but it has come into its own on California soil over the past few decades. It is typically planted in cooler climates to bring out its best characteristics. Pinot Noir has yielded some of the world's finest wines,marked by a lighter bodied, fruit forward character.

The Region

Our wine is California appellated, giving our winemaker, Debbie Juergenson, the flexibility to find the highest quality fruit from some of California’s premier vineyards. For our 2010 Pinot Noir, Debbie Juergensonselected 80% of the Pinot Noir grapes from Monterey County, 9% from Napa County, and the remaining from Sonoma County. Of the grapes sourced from Monterey County, 47% came from Arroyo Secoalong the Central Coast.

Monterey County is unique in the daily cooling summer breezes from the Monterey Bay. The cool air from the bay is drawn up through the length of the Salinas Valley and the warming inland areas. The force of this air can be so intense that it will slow the grapes development. This along with overall cool temperatures results in one of the longest growing seasons in California.

Winemaker Notes

The grapes were harvested at night and early in the morning in order to preserve the natural fruit characteristics. The grapes were de-stemmed, but not crushed, to keep more whole berries in the fermentor, which enhanced the varietal character of the finished wine. The grapes were then cold soaked for a day before adding yeast strains such as EC1118 and RC212. The grapes were then fermented primarily in upright fermentors, although some of the grapes were fermented in rotary and cone sweep fermentors. The grapes were fermented on the skins for five to six days at temperatures between 78-85°F before fermentation was complete. The entire blend underwent malolacticfermentation, adding complexity to the aromas and flavors and ensuring stability in the finished wine. During malolacticfermentation, the wine benefitted from oak influence, which added sweet aromatics of vanilla and caramel to the wine. The wine was then racked and filtered and spent two months in bottle prior to release.

Wine Description

Our Red Rock Winery Pinot Noir is layered with soft red fruit flavors of strawberry, dark red cherry, raspberry jam, and plums. These characteristics are balanced with subtle hints of oak and caramel notes that make our Pinot Noir smooth and balanced.

Finished Wine

  • Appellation: California
  • Alcohol Level: 13.6%
  • Residual Sugar: 0.13 g/100ml
  • Total Acidity: 0.67 g/100ml
  • pH: 3.75

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